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The East Rand School of the Arts formed the Magnet School of Music in Daveyton to identify and develop musical talent amongst Black children.  These children received instruments and lessons that were initially sponsored by the Education Department and then later by the Lotto Fund. 

During 2004 a travel company named “Seekers Travel with Flair” donated instruments to ten schools of which the East Rand Magnet School received ten violins.  Three of the children who received violins in 2004 advanced so far that they played in the National Youth Orchestra in December 2010.  They were Pascali Mokadi, Gladys Ngobeni and Tshepang Nthoba.

In 2009 the ERYO spent R86 611 of the R244 846 Lotto funds on tuition fees, transport, venue hire and grants and bursaries.  The balance of the funds was utilized for tours, camps and other expenses.

However, during 2010 only   R78 147 could be spent on tuition, transport, grants and bursaries as no income was received from the Lotto fund.  The ERYO nevertheless continued to fund the developmental section but had to further reduce tuition fees substantially as the ERYO was starting to run at a loss in 2010.  A total of 18 musicians were sponsored by the ERYO in 2010. 

Yet during 2011 the sponsorship by the ERYO had to be reduced even further to the point where only 5 developmental students’ tuition and other associated fees can be sponsored.