Development Programs

The East Rand School of the Arts formed the eMagnet School of Music in Daveyton to identify and develop musical talent amongst previously disadvantaged children.  These children received instruments and lessons that were initially sponsored by the Education Department and then later by the Lotto Fund.

During 2004 a travel company named “Seekers Travel with Flair” donated instruments to ten schools of which the East Rand Magnet School received ten violins.  Three of the children who received violins in 2004 advanced so far that they played in the National Youth Orchestra in December 2010.  They were Pascali Mokadi, Gladys Ngobeni and Tshepang Nthoba.

Financial Position

Up until 1998 the ERYO was funded by the Education Department.  Since then the orchestra has received Lotto funds adn was able to be in a sound financial position.  This situation is reflected in the figures of 2009 where a surplus of R135 892 was made.  However, from 2010 onwards NO LOTTO FUNDS were forthcoming for a variety of reasons and the surplus turned into a loss or R79 996.  The loss for 2013 was about R40 000. 

As mentioned previously, the developmental musicians are not receiving the required funding as the ERYO cannot fund the tuition fees, grants, bursaries and transport fees for all of these members.  However, the survival of the orchestra depends on new young musicians being fed into the system yet finances make this nigh impossivble.  We need to introduce and prune ne members every year on a continuous basis to ensure the future existence of the orchestra.  It is a catch-22 situation. 

Success Stories

Pascali Mokadi became one of the greatest success stories of ERYO’s developmental funding projects.  After having received a violin from a travel company named “Seeker Travel with Flair” in 2004, he progressed to become the leader of the ERYO in 2008 and remained in that position until 2010.  He furthermore plays in the 1st violins of the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra (JSO).  Twice he performed as a soloist at the JSO Youth Concerto Festival.  He was on eof six South Africans selected to perform with Swiss Youth Orchestra which toured South Africa in 2011.

The following students have received lessons on their selected instruments at the Magnet School (sponsored by the Lotto) since 2005

Bafana Baloyi (2005-2010) was the leader of the ERYO in 2007 and plays in the 1st violins of the JSO

Viwe Mkizwane received lessons from 2006 to 2009 and appeared as a soloist at the JSO Youth Concerto Festival. He is a member of the JSO and studies music at T.U.T

Katlego Malapane's cello lessons began in t2006. Besides playing in the ERYO, he appeared as a soloist at the JSO Youth Concerto Festival and currently plays in the National Youth Orchestra. He has been invited to further his studies in Europe, and also joined the Swiss Youth Orchestra on their tour of South Africa in 2011. He is presently learning to build string instruments..

Gladys Ngobeni has received lessons since 2006 an plays in the 1st violins in the RYO as well as in the Nation Youth Orchestra.

David Nkosi was trained in the ERYO, completed his M.Mus degree at UP and is now a conductor.

Request for sponsors

We are requesting sponsorship in order to be able to support and groom musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who are needy in a variety of ways.  As mentioned, only five such students can be financially supported.  Yet there are at least 20 students that need financial assistance for music lessons, fo rhiring instruments, to buy concert clothing and to be able to transport themselves to to various venues throughout the year and for paying their monthly membership fees.

Over and above the ERYO needs instruments which can be hired out to musicians.  We do need new instruments such as two new Alto Saxophones an da full size cello.  The ERYO furthermore wants to enhance the quality of life and broaden the horizons of its members by going on a tour of Cape Town to perform at a wine farm, in township shools as well as a music school.  The funding required for a tour would be in the region of R350 000.

Getting Involved

We would appreciate any sponsorship of and commiment to the orchestra.  You could contribute to this worthwhile endeavour in several ways:

  • You can sponso a learner whose details and progress will be provided to you on a regular basisi.
  • You can alternatively inviste the ERYO to perform at at function r event of your organisation or company.  Performance costs lie in the region of R20000.  Details will be negotiated iwith the organiszer.
  • An instrument can be sponsored.  If the child shows diligence and has musical talent, the instrument will be given to the learner after 2 years.  He/she can then progress to the teaching stage after a couple of years and thus will start to earn something.

In return for your sponsorship you will obtain free advertising for your company/business on concert programmes and tickets, on the internet.  It is also possible to become a Friend or a Patron of the orchestra.

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