• Our next event is MUSICAL STROKES which takes place on the 7th of November 2020.  Please joint us for this fun- filled day at the Benoni Rowing Club


  • On the 14th of November we have our PURITY & PEACE UNLOCKED concert at St Dunstan’s College, EJ Butler Centre for the arts.  Come and pamper your soul with beautiful music from the more peaceful concertos and love songs of the classical world



Enjoy a Picnic Concert with great Orchestral Music and Rowing Demonstrations presented by the East Rand Youth Orchestra and the Rowing Club, on the banks of Homestead dam, Benoni. This will be an outing for young & old to enjoy some beautiful music in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of running space for the kids.

East Rand Youth Orchestra Musical Strokes Concert Poster at Benoni Rowing Club

Purity & Peace Unlocked

Come pamper your sould with our beautiful music from the more peaceful concertos and love songs of the classical world.  Well-known singers Mmusi Morekhure (tenor) and Siphokazi Stofu (soprano) will join us for this concert.

East Rand Youth Orchestra Musical Strokes Concert Poster at Benoni Rowing Club

Annual Events

The ERYO has a number of annual events they present.  This includes a very successful ‘Soup and Sherry’ evening, usually held during the winter months, just before the school holidays.

We also have an annual springs tea held at the end of September when we specifically treat the grandparents of the orchestra members as well as those who wish to attend.

In addition we have regular Christmas carol concerts in November every year at a variety of churches in Ekurhuleni.

Our Performances

The repertoire of the orchestra is wide and covers music from the opera to movie themes, from Bach to th eBeatles.  This includes popular an dreligious works as well.  The orchestra also performas in conjunction with choirs and soloists.

Although the ERYO is based on the EAst Rand, it has toured extensively.  Concertsa have been given in Bloemfonteitn, Cape Town, Ceres, Durban,  Jeffrey’s Bay, Knysna, Maputo, Mosselbay, Vreiheid, East Rand, West Rand, Pretoria, Vereniging, Madagascar, Swaziland & Sudwana.

In 1998 the orchestra was invited to perform in Madagascar and was the first symphoney orchestra to visit Madagascar in 35 years.  There were audiences in excess of 1 000.  As a result of this visit a number of music schools were started.

In 2005 the orchestra visited Namibia, and a large number of previously disadvantaged communities were entertained and educated.


Educational Events

The ERYO gives various educational performances in previously disadvantaged communities annually to create an awareness and an appreciation for classical music.  Besides that, a teamwork and leadership workshop has also been very successully presented for a corporate.  In this kind of a performance the conductor and the orchestra is compared to the manager in the corporate world.  Employees are compare to all the different instruments which work together to make beautiful music.  In a very practical and clear manner the point is made an illustrated that everyone in a business (like in an orchestra) has a vital part to play.  No section can really function on its own.  All the different parts need to function together to reach a common goal.  Liaison, communication and cooperation between sections either by music or by voice are needed for harmony within the orchestra and the organisation.  Each player has a specific talent which the manager cannot copy, but he can encourage excellence and a unified vision and purpose.  Corporate members are also invited to try an conduct the orchestra to help illustrate the complexity of management.


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Magical effects

of music

Improve Verbal IQ

Studies found that children who have extra-curricular music classes, develop higher verbal IQ and visual abilities in comparison to those with no musical training.

Music Treats Heart Disease

a summarty of 23 studies covering almost 1500 participants found that listening to music reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients

Babies Are Born to Dance

Infants as young as five-months-old respond rhythmically to music and seem to find it more interesting than speech.

Seeing Happy Faces

Researchers found that a quick blast of happy music made participants perceive other’s faces as happier.

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